We are committed to the ongoing development of the populus platform to ensure that our clients remain in step with changes in technology and digital communication strategies.

We continually enhance the platform and release an updated version every 6 - 12 months. Each version includes fundamental improvements which are either enhancements to existing functionality or the addition of entirely new functionality. In addition we may release fixes and patches between versions if necessary.

All clients have the option to upgrade their site to the latest version of the software. Whenever we release a new version we communicate the changed feature set to clients, and clients have the option to either upgrade to the new version or remain on their current version. If the client wishes to upgrade then we will provide a cost and timeline for this to be done.

We offer clients two upgrade options:

The client pays a standard monthly fee and their website is upgraded as a matter of course when a new version is released. The benefit of this option is that the upgrade cost does not vary regardless of the complexity of the upgrade. As part of this option we also ensure that the client's website is optimised for viewing in the latest versions of supported browsers.

On request
A client's website is upgraded to the latest version only on request, and the cost of the upgrade is determined at the time the client requests the upgrade. The cost of an 'on request' upgrade will vary between clients and will depend on the following:
  • the scale of their populus implementation (ie. the number of components implemented)
  • the number of versions since the client's site was last upgraded
  • the extent of the changes within each version release since the latest upgrade

We welcome feedback, and encourage clients to suggest enhancements.