populus is provided as 'software as a service' which means that we take care of hosting, development and support.

The benefits of a ‘software as a service’ solution include:

  • there are no additional costs to deploy the website, as the site is developed within the hosting facility where the ultimate live site will be hosted
  • we maintain a 'test' and 'development' version of the site, which means that we are able to develop, test and roll out changes more quickly and cost effectively
  • you only need to deal with a single organisation for all your website needs, which means less management time for staff working between organisations

All sites are hosted locally in Australia on (i)mobius’ dedicated infrastructure, located in a fully managed data centre, with redundant links to the internet and industry standard security and fire protection. We provide a full data back up and restore service.

We offer a range of hosting options from a shared solution to a multi-server dedicated solution. Identifying the appropriate hosting solution is part of the scoping process for each populus implementation.