The populus eCommerce suite provides online retailers with all they need to create and run an online store.

  1. a dynamic multi-layered product catalogue
  2. easy to use eCart and checkout process, integrated with a range of payment gateways
  3. sophisticated order tracking and fufilment process
  4. comprehensive content management system

Notable features

In addition to the standard features that you would expect in any eCommerce solution, populus has some stand out features.

  • Sell wholesale and retail:
    publish both a wholesale and retail catalogue
  • Retail globally: multiple language support, offer different levels of pricing to different countries, and manage currency risk by transacting in alternative currencies
  • Micro-payment and stored credit:
    enable customers to purchase credits that can then be redeemed for products such as downloads, premium content pages, online services and low value products.
  • Offer sales Incentives:
    offer sales incentives such as multi-purchase discounts, discount codes, sales vouchers, gift vouchers, and VIP clubs
  • Tickets and downloadable Products:
    sell downloadable products (such as software and music) and tickets to events
  • Create targeted email campaigns:
    you can target emails to existing customers based on their gender, location, and most importantly previous purchases in the shop
  • Enable social commerce:
    allow shoppers to rate and review products, and then display products based on which is most popular

Continental Water

(i)mobius is developing both an online catalogue for Continental's Pool Product division and an eCommerce enabled shop for its Domestic Water Filtration division on populus.

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easy to use, and great support.

- Raymond Scott, Workshopped