In addition to the initial implementation cost for your site (which includes creating the interface design), we charge a monthly fee to use populus. This fee is based on the scale of your populus implementation and covers the cost of hosting your site and providing basic maintenance and support. It also enables us to continue to improve populus and maintain the supporting infrastructure such as the knowledge case and the help tips.

The following table outlines how this fee is calculated. Please note that specialist industry applications are charged on different pricing models, please contact us for further information.


(sections, articles, modules, galleries, ecards)
50 pages200 pages20,000 pages
(membership, support, access levels, forms)   
500 members5,000 members50,000 members
(social media - discussion boards,
personal homepage, chat, friends, IM)
500 members5,000 members50,000 members 
(newsletters and personalised email broadcasts)        
100 emails1,000 emails5,000 emails
(product catalogue, cart & checkout, order processing)
20 products100 products1,500 products
Administration1 account5 accountsunlimited
(shared hosting solution, back ups)
2 Gb HDD
10Gb bandwidth  
5 Gb HDD
30Gb bandwidth  
20 Gb HDD
250Gb bandwidth     
No. of sites112
Version releaseson requeston requestincluded
Monthly fee $150.00 $350.00 $850.00
Additional emails4c/email3c/email2c/email

Should I 'open source'?

Are 'open source' web publishing platforms really 'free'?  We continually read web literature touting the benefits of 'open source' solutions because they are 'free'. However, in our experience 'open source' doesn't necessarily mean free.