What’s it all about? It’s about people. Engaging with people. Whether it’s your customers, readers, members or staff, populus is a sophisticated web publishing solution which combines an easy to use content management system with the tools you need to build closer relationships with... er... people.

populus has a rich feature set which includes a suite of tools to build and manage customer databases, building web pages, streaming video, running surveys, broadcasting emails and SMS messages, selling products, running sales promotions, and enabling social networks.

It includes a sophisticated content management solution which enables administrators to manage all the content on their site without any technical experience. The administration interface is intuitive, with a clean simple layout, in-page tool tips and links to our administrator knowledge base.

Benefits of using populus

As your digital requirements grow, so can the functionality of your website. You might start out with a simple brochure site, perhaps with a member database and the ability to broadcast emails. Later you might want to add a shop, run some customer surveys, and then offer your members the ability to build their own online communities. It’s all possible with populus.
continually enhanced
We are continually adding features to populus. This ensures that your site keeps up with the latest digital advances. We'll tell you when a new version is available and what has changed from the previous version. You then choose whether to upgrade to a newer version or remain on your current version.
'software as a service'
That means that we take care of everything – hosting, software maintenance, and application support. populus is hosted in a professional hosting environment here in Australia to ensure top performance.
Unlike many CMS products, your populus website can be customised to your particular business needs. We will do this either by enhancing the core code or by appending custom code for your site only. And because we’ve built it from the ground up we know how to change it cost effectively.