Create a real marketing asset

More often than not property developments are marketed as stand alone projects without thought to the potential marketing opportunity that each successive project represents to the organisation. populus enables property project marketers to create a unique project marketing website supported by a common underlying CRM solution. This means that every enquiry is building a core company asset regardless of whether the enquiry ultimately leads to a sale or not.

Maintain Quality Data
The foundations of good communication is knowing who you are communicating with. populus enables you to:

  • build an investor profile, each enquiry is saved against the same user record
  • maintain clean lists, soft bounces, hard bounces, unsubscribes are processed automatically
  • enable individuals to manage their own contact details
Communicate effectively
Personalised and targeted communications are more effective than generalised communications broadcast to everyone in your database. populus enables you to personalise your communications and target them based on their location and interests.

Leverage social media

Active engagement in social media is a critical part of investor/member communication. populus currently supports YouTube integration, and is implementing the facebook 'like' feature, the ability to integrate feeds from a facebook wall and twitter feeds. populus also has its own social media functions that can be used to build your own member community. 

Digitise brochures
Leverage existing project marketing collateral by converting it into a digital format. A PDF is not an ideal format for making brochures available online. They can be slow to download and cumberson to navigate. edop converts print ready PDF report into an html format that is easily accessed online, is searchable and supports deep links. Click here for more information.


pffff, so easy

- Sophie Pieters-Hawke,
John Swire & Sons

Digital publishing of reports

IMF Annual Report 2010 Cover

IMF Annual Report 2010 Cover

IMF publishes its annual report with edop