Improve investor relations and reduce costs

The populus 'investor centre' and member management tools make it easier for listed companies, clubs, and associations to communicate with their shareholders and members. 

Good communication means a stronger, more committed and more engaged membership. If your members look to you for the most up to date information then you've got the chance to tell your story first. populus enables you to do this through the website, and directly into the member's email inbox.

Using digital communications can reduce your costs. Firstly, providing members with information either through the website, a personalised dashboard or regular newsletters reduces the number of calls to your organisation. Secondly, the cost of communicating your message on a per person basis using digital media is significantly lower than using traditional print. The cost to print and mail a copy of an annual report may be between $20 - $30, compared with $10 to create a custom digital annual report, or $2.50 to digitise and display an existing report.

Digital annual reports

IMF Annual Report 2010 Cover

IMF Annual Report 2010 Cover

IMF publishes its annual report with edop

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