The Brief
Castrol Australia runs a series of sales promotions across the year with varied entry options - post, web and SMS. These promotions are across their brands including Castrol MAGNATEC and Castrol EDGE. The client brief is to manage these sales promotions as effectively as possible; which means minimise cost and maximise participation. 

Our Solution
Our solution was to implement Castrol on the populus promotions hub. We created a custom style sheet for each of brand so that even though promotions from different sites are run through the single hub, each promotion maintains the personality of its originating site. Also populus supports multiple domains, which means that we can also host the promotions on a relevant sub-domain (such as We also enhanced the portal to make it easier for users to navigate to the promotions, read terms and conditions and look up winners.

The Result
Castrol’s move to populus has reduced the cost to implement new promotions, increased participation through cross promotion to the consolidated promotional database, built a data asset for Castrol and resulted in a greater understanding of people interacting with Castrol brands. 


Reach:                                    Australia
Launch Date:                        January 2011
Components:                        forms, membership, email 
                                                 broadcast, multi-site

Populus features

  • multiple brand sub-sites
  • centralised member database
  • outbound email communications
  • comprehensive reporting