web & mobile publishing

Administrators are able to manage the structure and content of their pages through an intuitive interface.

No HTML Experience Required
Administrators can control almost all of the content on their website through the administration interface (the only exception being some system elements such as error messages and pre-defined sub-navs) without any code. Text is edited using a word like interface  ("WYSIWYG") which enables administrators to add hyperlinks, anchor links, bullets, and numbers. 

Flexible Page Layout
Administrators 'build' pages using content modules, which gives admistrators a high degree of flexibility in populating a page with content. However, site-wide style sheets ensure that the defined site look and feel is enforced and the site retains its professional look. 

Optimise Pages for Search Engine Ranking
Every page includes functionality to enable adminstrators to specify a browser title, page description, key words, and (if enabled) a SEO friendly URL for the page.


Content Pages
  • create up to 10,000 web pages per populus install
  • use modules to add functionality to your content - polls, video, maps, newsletter opt-ins, calendar, products
  • use modules to manage the structure of your page
  • add text, images, PDFs, video and tables to your pages
  • create a module once and use it on many pages, then simply change it once to update every page
  • create a template and then copy this each time to create a new page
  • pre-defined style sheets maintain brand guidelines throughout the site
  • use alternative style sheets, section headers and page headers to differentiate different site areas
  • customise meta-data on a page by page basis
  • version control means content changes are never lost
  • implement internal approval processes
There are a range of modules that support different functionality. For a full list of module types click here.

  • create a three tier navigational hierarchy (a deeper hierachy in the eCart)
  • specify the name and description that appears in the navigation
  • manage the order of the items in the nav
  • range of navigation formats available - both horizontal and vertical, flat and drop down

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