email marketing

The populus communication suite enables site administrators to manage all aspects of mass email communications to their customers - create, broadcast and track. SMS broadcast functionality is scheduled to be added within the next two version releases, although this functionality may be re-prioritised in line with client requirements.

Target Broadcasts
Unlike standalone email broadcast tools, populus' emailer is integrated with the member database. This means administrators can target emails based on the demographics of each member - gender and location, and on recent activity - purchases made from a selected catgory within a certain timeframe.

Unique Email Templates
We create unique email templates that are tailored to your 'look and feel' and purpose as part of the implementation process. Administrators are then able to populate these templates with text and images through the administration interface.

Auto-Generate Emails
Administrators can automatically populate an email with content from other parts of the site, simply by adding a short text tag. This means a huge saving on admin time. For example, send a precis of the last 5 articles added to the site in a the 'reviews' section.


  • send multi-part HTML and text emails
  • send to external lists via uploaded .csv. Mail merge on any item with .csv list
  • send to registered users (qualify target by opt in, gender, location, recent purchases)
  • edit email content using WISYWIG interface, or edit underlying email template html
  • upload new email templates and email images through media
  • automatic unsubscribe and soft/hard bounce processing
  • broadcast reporting of emails sent, emails opened, click throughs, and soft and hard bounces
  • download .csv of broadcast results with broadcast detail for each email address (sent, bounced, opened, click throughs on each link)

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