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Whether you need to have a simple contact us form, manage a comprehensive user survey, process applicants for a job, handle RSVPs for an event or run a sales promotion, if you need to collect, manage and analyse data then populus FORMS can help you.
The 'populus forms builder' includes pretty much all of the functionality that you'd expect find in other commercially available survey tools - full administrator control, reports, email invites - plus some additional features that set it apart. 

PDF Generator
The respondent’s answers are merged with a document template and provided to them as an integrated PDF which they can print out. Perfect where an organisation needs someone to physically sign an application or send in supporting documentation. Not only does the organisation get a clearly completed application, but there is no need for data input as all the data is already saved against the customer profile in the database.

Process Management
Job applications, gift with purchase redemptions, and registrations of interest - administrators are able to define a process through which a user's record must pass and then manage that record through that process across multiple stakeholders. Respondents are automatically notified by email and the website as their application passes through each stage.

Real Time Payment Processing
Administrators are able to charge application fees to users as the Forms component has been integrated with the SecurePay payment gateway. Payments are processed in real time and users are provided with a receipt upon successful payment. Other payment gateways can be integrated upon request. A separate SecurePay account is required to use this feature.

  • create and edit questions of the following types: 
    - checkbox
    - dropdown
    - freeform
    - date (std and credit card)
    - multi-rate matrix
    - contact details (with validation)
    - file upload
    - qualifying question 
    - email forwarded (sends copy of form result to associated email address)
  • specify which fields are mandatory and which are optional
  • order fields, display on multiple pages
  • specify whether a form can be one way or two way
  • control access to forms: registered and validated users, registered users, all users
  • download results in .csv or excel format, or specify a schedule for the report to be emailed to you
  • have individual answer sets emailed to you
  • specify max entries to enable site to offer a limited seat RSVP list
  • PDF generator, which enables site administrators to set up forms to complete physical applications and documents
  • integration with payment gateway (with receipt)
  • search for and edit individual answer sets (with auditing of changes)
  • bulk upload new answer sets, and edit existing answer sets
  • set up an admin processing path to manage online applications (with automatic updates to users)
  • integrated with populus CRM which enables individual outbound communications with users
  • use the populus emailer to invite people to complete

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pffff, so easy

- Sophie Pieters-Hawke,
John Swire & Sons