eCommerce feature list

The power of the populus system is that it is more than just an online shop. The eCommerce function integrates with the CRM component, Forms Builder and Publishing functions to provide a comprehensive integrated solution.

Specific attributes of both the eCommerce platform and CRM suite are outlined below.

eCommerce Suite

  • One click shopping from anywhere within a populus based site (using shopping module or shopping links)
  • Create unlimited products and categories
  • Full product search
  • Create related product groupings
  • Manages all stages of the e-commerce cycle: product display, ordering, order management, payment processing
  • Supports multiple forms of payment processing (inc integration with real-time gateways)
  • Supports multiple freight methods
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Enables you to sell different products at different prices to different people in different countries
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Provides customer with online order history
  • Supports multiple purchase discounts across products and categories of products
  • Allows for sale of gift vouchers, and issuing of sales vouchers
  • Create VIP or trade clubs with special pricing
  • Sell downloadable software and documents.
  • Integrates with Access Levels to sell access to subscriber online content.

CRM Suite

  • Centralised member database across the entire site(s) (emailer, promotions, restricted access levels, shop, discussion boards)
  • Includes optional double opt-in routine
  • Option to specify the member data to be collected on registration
  • Full individual member management via the Admin, linked with online customer support tool and eCart to give single view of the customer
  • Demographic reporting on current membership/subscribers
  • Text search of member records
  • All member details can be updated through the admin
  • Online interface for logging and managing customer support issues.
  • Enables administrators to prioritise, track and assign support calls within the organization
  • Enables administrators to attach documents to out-going support calls, and use pre-formatted responses
  • Provides a permanent record of all support interactions with the client
  • Includes time tracking for billing purposes
  • Includes reporting by client, support call and internal employee
  • Can be linked to eCart to enable paid support
  • Integrates with Forms to provide single view of customer across process management functions (eg. managing a fulfilment process

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