social media

Active engagement in social media is a critical part of building an effective digital presence. populus currently supports YouTube integration, and is implementing the facebook 'like' feature, the ability to integrate feeds from a facebook wall and twitter feeds. populus also has its own social media functions that can be used to build your own member community.


Personal homepages
  • indivdual web page for each registered member
  • linked to throughout social media suite
  • avatar picture
  • includes personal details and interests
  • ability to for other members to message the user
  • list of blog posts and discussion board posts

Discussion Boards
  • threaded discussion boards
  • three levels: category>topic>posts (replies)
  • full board management: delete, edit, move posts, ban users, pre-approval of posts
  • self managing - users can report posts
  • integrate Articles into posts
  • users can subscribe to threads, and receive alerts when threads updated
  • users can upload images with posts (subject to terms and conditions)
  • images with posts can be subject to pre-approval
  • includes banned word filter

Groups, Friends, Instant Messenger
  • enables membes to invite other members to be their friends and then communicate with them via instant messaging
  • notifies you if a friend is online
  • support messages to offline friends also
  • members can decline invitations or revoke authority to chat
  • invite a member to join a group, then message all members of the gorup simultaneously

  • supports multiple rooms
  • moderator control to edit posts, temporarily and permanently ban members
  • includes banned word filter
  • users can whisper (private message) to other members in the chat

Send to a Friend, E-cards, Campaign Letters
  • Create viral campaigns to promote your site and products; or set up pre-formatted campaign letters to a specified address
  • Spam Act compliant
  • Limit the type of users who may use the functionality: registered and validated users, registered users, all users
  • Specify email template, subject line, from or to address, images, text, footer via the admin, or allow the user to specify all elements

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