media management

populus' media management component is all shiny and new. It's not the first time populus has had a centralised media library, but it's just been rebuilt from the ground up with some pretty powerful new features.

Want to ensure your website looks professional? Take care with editing your images. In-focus, well cropped and consistently formatted images (ie. images of the same size) contribute hugely to the look of a website. populus enforces image guidelines throughout the site to ensure your site keeps itself tidy.

On-Screen Editing
Administrators can now upload a base image to the admin, and edit it on screen. The administrator selects the image type (which defines where the image will be used) and applies an overlay to guide the cropping and resizing of the image. Once formatted, the image is saved to the specified category and available for use through out the system.

Bulk Upload
An administrator can upload all the images they want to use in one go (within reason!). Images are held in the bulk upload repository until being indiviually edited and added to the library by any member of the editorial team.

  • pre-determined image sizes to comply with brand guidelines
  • crop, resize and rotate images on screen
  • image templates to guide the edit process
  • bulk image upload
  • automatically create derivative versions of the edited image to be used through out the site
  • upload range of media types:
    - images: .png, .jpg, .bmp, .gif
    - video: .flv
    - resources: PDFs, word docs, excel spreadsheets, etc

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