the populus CRM suite

The populus CRM suite gives customer support and sales teams the ability to effectively build and manage relationships with individual customers.

Single Customer View
populus provides administrators with a single view of a person's interactions through the website - emails sent, products purchased, forms completed, support calls logged. This saves time and improves the quality of customer service.

Manage Customer Contact
populus' ticketing system provides a centralised communication channel for all communication with the customer. Administrators can process both inbound and outbound contacts made through email or by telephone. Issues can be assigned to different stakeholders in the organisation for resolution, while ensuring the 'call owner' is continually updated on progress on the issue. The customer has their own dashboard that includes the history of all communications with the organisation.

Control Access to Content
'Access Levels' allow administrators to create a members only area, intranet, or publish a premium site section by controlling which registered members can access what content. Access rights are integrated with products and timed to support subscription products. 


  • all member data from all functions is saved against the relevant member record/subscriber database across the entire site
  • control what information is collected on registration
  • tiered administration rights to protect member privacy and the quality of member information
  • demographic reporting on current membership/subscribers
  • search member database and extract member lists
  • the member dashboard gives the member access to their contact details, newletter opt-ins, receipts, online wallets, and vouchers

  • outbound communications for call centre environment. Users are notified of updates via email, and can respond by replying to the email notification or logging into their dashboard
  • administrators can prioritise, track and assign support calls within the organisation
  • provides a permanent record of all support interactions with the client
  • includes time tracking for billing purposes
  • includes reporting by client, support call and internal employee
  • enables support team to use pre-formatted answers to speed up response times, and to attach documents

Restricted Access Levels
  • create multiple content access levels to control access to site content
  • all site elements can be controlled (sections, article, promotions, albums) using access levels
  • restrict access to content in page (eg. some images on a page or in a gallery are restricted to authorised users)
  • supports timed access
  • apply unique styles based on access level
  • restricted content can be made 'invisible' to unauthorised users 
  • restrict different galleries and different images within Albums to different access levels

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