What is the 'cc' function?

Date: 6-May-2010

The 'cc' function enables administrators or users to specify one or more email addresses that will receive copies of all 'to caller' updates from the support system.

Once a 'cc' is saved against a support call (either by an administrator or a member) it will remain for all updates until it is deleted.

If the 'cc' is also a registered member then not only will they recieve an update email, but they will also see the call on their dashboard.

It is possible to set a default 'cc' for a client on the relevant client details page (/_admin/clients_manage.asp). If an email is specified on this page, then it will appear by default when a member who is associated with that client creates a support call. Note, the user will be able to delete the 'cc' if they choose to do so.

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