Overview of Support for registered users

Date: 26-Jul-2010

The populus support function forms part of the populus CRM suite.

Support can be used by both registered and unregistered members. Each user type will have a different experience depending on whether they are registered or not.

Support Dashboard

Registered users have a full dashboard which provides a list of all the support calls that they have logged in the system. This page can be found here - /support/support.asp. This page includes a table which includes the following information for each support call:
  • attachments icon: indicates whether the call has any attachments
  • ID: the ID of the support call, this can not be changed
  • description: title of the call, can't be changed once the call is created
  • date logged: the date the call was first logged
  • date updated: last date that a 'visible' change (ie. one the member would see) was made to the call either by the member or an administrator
  • status: whether the call is assigned to administrators for action, with the member, or closed
  • view link: clicking on this takes the user to another page where the user can view the history of a call or update the call
Members can sort the table by each column. They can also choose to display only 'active calls', 'closed calls' or 'all calls' by selecting the option from a dropdown at the top of the page. The page defaults to 'active calls' only.

The page also includes a button for a user to create a new support call. Clicking on this takes a user to this page - /support/support.asp?Nonce=act=new&email=

Call Detail
The 'call detail' page includes two tabs:
  • update request: a form to enable the member to post a response to administrators, inc. uploading attachments
  • request history: details all posts between the member and administrators (but does not show any internal communications)
NOTE: if an administrator is logged into the admin when they view history of a request via the publis site then they will see all communications, including all internal communications.

Updating a request
A member can update a call in two ways. Regardless of the method used, a copy of the update should be sent to the call owner.
  1. by clicking 'reply to' in a support email; or
  2. by updating the call via the website

When clicking 'reply to' the contents of the current email only  (ie. not the longer email trail) willl be added to the support call. Also any attachments included with the email reply will also be added to the call.

When updating via the website a member can do the following:
  • adding a new text post
  • attaching files
  • include another email address on the cc line (whether that email address is registered in the database or not)
If a user is included on the cc line then they will receive a copy of any external communications between administrators and the member. If cc email is also registered then the call will also appear on that member's dashboard and they will be able to make updates to the call also.

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